Answer to Tipple MBA Essay Question

Here is my answer to Tipple’s MBA Essay Question:

My near term goal is to broaden my understanding of business through either a managerial consulting experience, or through work experience in an Innovative and forward looking company.

First and foremost, Tipple MBA would help me broaden my understanding of business through direct interaction with professors and students, which would facilitate learning of new ideas and concepts, and thus help my personal growth as a manager.

Obtaining MBA from Tipple would help me land a type of job that would allow me to further grow as manager who relies on analytical and creative ways of thinking to problem solve and lead organization to success.

Once I feel fully grounded as a manager, and as a leader, I would venture out on my own to start my own company in one of the following: High Tech or IT start up, Natural Healing Office, Ballroom Dancing School, or a Specialty Coffee Shop.

I have helped to co-start two successful small businesses in Massachusetts.

When I finished my tour of duty in Iraq, my brother and I co-started a Green Metal Roofing company – http// (started in 2006) – 1st page in Google for Metal Roofing

This past May we started a Search Engine Marketing company – Boston SEO Consulting Inc., which provides internet marketing solutions for small businesses.

We have also started a successful Web App –, and a Construction Business Directory –

These experiences along with my US Army leadership experience as a non-commissioned officer in Iraq, make me a solid MBA applicant and a future hire.

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