Brandies MBA Essay Two – Answer

Essay 2. In what ways do your academic background and recent professional or managerial experience provide evidence of your potential for success in the program you selected? In your eventual career? Please provide specific examples of relevant coursework and/or experience

As a former Non-Commissioned Officer in the US Army Veteran, I bring with me my military experience, as well as a small group leadership experience.

As a co-founder of two small start-up companies in Massachusetts, I bring my successful entrepreneurial and managerial experience. My brother and I have co-founded the following two companies:

  • LA Metal Roofs LLC. – DBA New England Metal Roof supplying and installing green metal roofs and energy efficient flat roofs for residential homes and light-commercial projects including restaurants and hospitality places in the greater Boston, Massachusetts.
  •  Boston SEO Consulting Inc. – A Search Engine Marketing Company providing search engine optimization, search engine marketing and SEO consulting services to small and mid-size businesses.

I have majored in International Management at Rhode Island College. IBS MBA program at Brandeis University would allow me to continue building upon what I have already learned as an undergrad at RIC.

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