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Closet Organizer Plans – Benefits and a Buying Guide

Why Do I Need a Closet Organizer in the First place?

Trying to get a semblance of order to a cupboard can be as laughable, as trying to keep ahead of a pile of clothes stuffed into a cupboard can! Can you see how this actually could get in a way of having a logical storage pattern for your own closet?

Problem: There are so many things normally kept in your closet that keeping all your clothes and footwear in a tidy and efficient way can become a real challenge.

Solution: Get a custom designed Closet Organizer to fit your needs, and rescue you from being overwhelmed by your clothes, footwear and all that extra stuff in your closet…

A goal with your closet is to actually have more usable storage space working for you nicely, rather than having a chaotic problem area in your home.

Closet Organizers

This is where the closet organizer comes in, and becomes one of the most useful items in your bedroom, or dressing room.

Modern Custom Closet Organizers

Modern Custom Closet Organizers

Hanger Rail

The largest space in almost any wardrobe is reserved for the space needed for hangers, where jackets and shirts are usually hung. However, organizing your closet in “traditional: way this can leave quite a large space below the hanger rail underutilized.

This underutilized space can instead be used to store other wardrobe items. Taking a critical look at cloths you own can be a good place to start when looking for the most appropriate closet organizer.

It is also important to consider how much of the closet space will need to be dedicated to the items that are stored on the hangers.

One of the benefits of a well designed closet organizer is that it can be made to suit your individual needs and a vision of how you would like to have your closet organized.

Depending on the type of clothing that stored in your closet, the length of the space below the hanger rail can vary too; with shorter spaces for those who only need to store shirts, and longer spaces for hangers for suits, or dresses that require more space.

Underwear And Clothing Shelves

One of the important selection criteria of any closet organizer is that it needs to store everything that would normally be found in a closet, and this includes things that are normally present on the shelves too. There are many different things that can be stored on these shelves including folded t-shirts, socks, and under-ware.

For most people who purchase a closet organizer however, these shelves will be used to sort and store underwear, socks and other items of clothing, and because there are likely to be a number of different shelves to store items, it should be possible to divide everything up so that items are easy to find when needed.

Smart and Casual Clothing Storage

A well planned closet will make it easy for you to store smart clothing in one section of the closet, while casual clothing items will be stored in another area of your closet organizer.

Shoe Storage

Because there is plenty of space that normally goes unused within most closets, one of the areas that closet organizers really excel at is in making space for your shoes and footwear at the bottom of the closet.

This can be of a particular importance for women who on average own more shoes than men do. If you have a lot of shoes to store, then make sure that your closet organizer allows for the storage of all your shoes in such a way that finding the right footwear can be quick and easy.

Closet Organizer Benefits

You may find that having a messy and cluttered closet is not really a problem, but you can save a lot of time and effort you normally waste trying to find the right clothing items in your normally cluttered and poorly unorganized closet.

Think of how easy it would be for you to find the right pair of pants and shoes, once a new custom designed closet organizer is installed in your closet, providing additional and useful space for all your clothes.

Custom Closet Organizer Plan

Custom Closet Organizer Plan

Being able to have more useful space and store ore clothing items in your closet will also help you to free up more space around your bedroom, or dressing room. Thus, benefits of closet organizers also mean that you could actually have more useful space in home home, because of a closer organizer.


There are numerous benefits of having a closet organizer installed in your closet. By making sure that your closet is tidy and well organized, you will be able to find the right clothes quicker and easier. Storing your clothes and putting them away at the end of a day will also become a breeze for you.