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Internet of Things – Impact on The U.S Prediction

Interment of things, also known as the Internet of objects, refers to a virtually networked interconnection of everyday objects such as consumer merchandise, books, Electronic Devices, potentially even objects as mundane as the everyday newspapers.

Each object would have in microchip or censor embedded into it, and it would be connected to a virtual network of other things.

This technology could greatly improve logistics, inventory and distribution channels, military logistics, and lead to a better accountability and use of objects.


My prediction is that a niche implementation will improve the workings and supply channels for the inventory and distribution systems.

WalMart is already using a real time information of items that sell in need restocking. I believe that as the Internet of things technology advances, stores like WalMart will be the first ones to benefit and invest into this technology.

The U.S. military is likely to employ this technology for the logistics and accountability purposes and the early stages of Internet of things technology implementation.

I find it hard to believe that the Internet of things would be implemented with the real world all at once. Therefore I think that the gradual niche implementation and fine tuning of this technology will pave the way for a future implementation that will be more beneficial, rather than disruptive.

However, there is also a significant risk associated with the security attacks from malicious hackers and other enemies of the U.S.