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Energy Storage Materials

The technology dealing with Energy Storage materials and devices such as advanced electric batteries, supper capacitors and hydrogen fuel cells.

Many world conflicts and tensions are the results of competition for finite resources. Fossil fuels and Oil are the primary sources of energy in the U.S, and in the world as a whole.

From the geopolitical standpoint, the United States have become increasingly dependent on the use of foreign oil, which is not only bad for the environment, but also threatens our National Security.

The development of Energy Storage Materials Technology could eventually reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and help us make a transition towards using electric batteries, supper capacitors and hydrogen fuel cells as energy sources for automobiles, buses, trains, and transportation system in general.

Integrating Energy Storage Materials Technology would strengthen are military by allowing our military vehicles, and weaponry technology devices to operate in a more remote areas with decreased dependence on fuel sources.

The use of super capacitors could also lead to the development of new and improved military weaponry systems.

The advanced electric batteries could make our electric vehicles run further and faster, and help protect the environment by reducing the carbon for print.

The use of hydrogen fuel cells could reduce / and eventually diminish the need to use petroleum products to operate cars, buses, trucks and trains.

The hydrogen fuel cell research is well underway and there is some possibility of developing a technology that would allow split the water molecules to obtain hydrogen in an energy efficient way.

If these technologies are developed and implemented in the near future, then the U.S. will not only benefit in terms off geopolitical independence, but could also assume the leadership in providing this technologies to the rapidly developing countries of Brazil, China, India and Russia.

Although it’s hard to make any sort of accurate prediction as to how the development of these technology will progress, it is clear that it could benefit the U.S. and many other industrialized nations in the world as well as have a positive impact on the world climate.

Countries of the European Union, and Japan are also engaged in the rapid development of Energy Storage Materials. Toyota motor company, a Japanese auto manufacturing Company is planning to introduce a hydrogen fuel cell car by 2015. This a new development from Toyota concept cars that has made its debut during the negative publicity of Toyota Prius Hybrid Vehicle.

Many companies are engaged in the development of advanced batteries that could store a significant amount of Electric Energy to make these batteries viable as a source of energy for the electric vehicles.

Solar Energy, Wind Turbine Farms, and geothermal energy technologies are also being developed, which will help further reduce the dependence on foreign oil, and help the conservation effort. Further development of these technologies and their implementation with green buildings, and energy production plants could mark a gradual shift from fossil fuels to alternative and renewable energy sources.