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Islamization of Europe – Eurabia – What the Future Holds

Europe faces a multifaceted set of problems from growing Islamic population in Europe due to falling birthrates, aging European population, high fertility rates among European Muslims, and a high rate of Arab immigration.


There are many implications of this growing trend of the rapid increase in the proportion of Muslim population, and the absolute and relative decline of the European population.

It is conceivable to predict that within just a few generations the majority of people living in Europe will be Muslim. This probably entails the loss of European culture and identity, and a potential establishment of Islam not only as the dominant religion, but also as the dominant political force in Europe.

What the Future may Hold for Europe

islamization of europe

If this prediction holds true, then Europe as we know it today will become a predominantly Arab state, which can can be described as Eurabia, a popularized term that has gained credibility and recognition among many prominent scholars.

The immediate implications of the high numbers of Arabs in Europe can be felt very strongly today. While most Arab immigrants living in Europe are law abiding citizens, there are few who sympathize with Islamic extremism, terrorism and radical Islam.

This is evidenced by the bombings in London subway in 2005, and bombings in Madrid on March 11, 2004.

Aside from the threat of terrorism, there is also a serious threat to the freedom of speech. Many politicians in Europe seem to be afraid to speak their minds because they’re afraid to be accused of racism, and Islamophobia.

It is a common occurrence that radical Islamic groups inhibit the freedom of speech by threatening protests, and violence in response to publications and political speeches of those with whom they do not agree.

It seems that many European politicians are using the appeasement strategies and are way too careful not to offend the Muslim views rather than doing what is best for the state.

There is also a significant problem of integrating and assimilating Muslim immigrants into the European Society. Economically, Muslim immigrants earn only 75% of the wage of what their European counterparts do, and many remain unemployed. This situation contributes to the feelings of resentment among Muslims and further divides the society.

The situation seems to be quite complex, and there is no easy way to resolve it. Yet, it seems that with a better education, encouragement of higher fertility among Europeans, and relentless upholding of the rights to freedom of speech, the situation could improve over time.