Decorating with Floor Lamps

The answer to updating interior spaces does not have to be as complex as tearing down the foundation and starting all over again. This means that there doesn’t have to be brand new couches, new curtains, new paint jobs – etc, etc, etc. In fact, the answer to updating the look of your interior space can be as simple and minimalistic as purchasing a new floor lamp. Floor lamps are an excellent way to decorate because there are so many appealing lamp designs to choose from that when chosen improves the general look of the living room and/or the interior area.

Modern lamps of today sit on different bases than the traditional floor lamp that had the design of a thin-pole. Floor lamps can be built onto wood, plastic, or metal setup to allow additional storage space as well as having the added bonus of being attached to the actual lighting fixture. An example of these modern day lamps include designs in the shape of pyramids that allow room and space for candles and other d├ęcor. Floor lamps of the square shaded variety are extremely popular for interior decorators and homeowners alike. Square shades provide lamps with different presentations, adding vogue and eclectic fashion to a modern room. Shades that are semi-opaque can be fitted to be various colorful beautiful designs that can ultimately spark the overall look of a room.

Modern Floor Lamps that can be outfitted with with LED light Bulbs

Nursery rooms and/or other children rooms can be outfitted with themed floor lamps. Lamp shades are no longer limited to dull single colors, but can be purchased in creative variations that fit the design motif of the room you are trying to create. Potential themes can include princess rooms, safari themes, and barnyard themes. LED lamps come with the added benefit of including one of lighting technology’s most popular new additions. LED lighting can be used to replace incandescent bulbs that are traditionally used. LED lights are a type of electrical light that are low power and produce great lighting without the use of a lot of heat or the fire risk that can come with the use of typical floor lamps.

LED lights truly are an attractive way to save energy while adding style to the home. Another lamp that can be used to brighten up a dull interior space is a globe lamp. Globe lamps are designed as a globe meant to shield and circumvent the light bulbs used on the fixture, ensuring safety while subsequently providing a look that is more aesthetically appealing to the eyes of those who look at your reinvented space.

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