Do you still think we suffer of Global warming effect ?

I can still see people at the TV who talks about global warming and the money that should be invested to prevent this. Prevent what ? We would really like something warm right now…

The word is really having problems with freezing. But, what to do, their companies still need money even if there is cold outside. Probably the highest amount of snow in the last decades.  What can we do ? Invest more money to keep the globe cold.

What do you think ? When the worlds big freeze will end ? The Hell is freezing over !

2 thoughts on “Do you still think we suffer of Global warming effect ?

  1. Tom O Sull

    Global warming does not mean we are going to have hotter summers and colder winters it means we are going to have more severe weather patterns, flooding…etc, the global tempeture is still on the rise, i dont think people realise how bad things are there are marine life at there maximum tempature tollerece as it is most are micro organisims which are essential in keeping the balance of food and filtering the ocean water, the melting of polar ice is not just going to cause flooding its going to bring the oceans currents to a standstill when that happens its game over, i think its funny that people thing we can prevent this or actually think we have control, its simple we have destroyed this climate and mother nature will balance it out whatever the cost us we forget we are all just guests will still be here long after we are all gone

  2. Jim

    Global warming is not a joke people! If we all just sit around thinking, “oh we’re fine, i’m just gonna sit here and do nothing, and kill our earth” EARTH WILL DIE!! First of all the sea levels will rise, causing floods, people die, no beaches etc. Then the weather will change and one day we might have a heat wave, the next a blizzard or a flood, also earthquakes will occur all over the earth. After that most of us will die and so will our earth. BUT if we help and make a difference by doing little things like, get the bus to work/ school instead of driving, or turning a light or T.V or computer off when its not being used. smiple things like that will help global warming, and it will help us stay alive.

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