Why you should never buy Double Glazing from door-to-door Salespeople!

As the industry with probably the worst reputation for cold-calling to tout for business, reputable industry leaders and professionals are being stung by cowboys damaging the morality and practices of the glazing industry that have taken years to build. While most of us are deterred by the dodgy glazing sales tactics, there are still some unsuspecting property owners who fall prey to manipulative tactics of dishonest salespeople. Many ripped off consumers not only overpay, but also experience terrible window installations.

Guaranteeing a quality UPVC Glazing service and installation?

Although there may be a small handful of reputable companies utilising door to door sales agents, the real glazing professionals don’t have or need teams of door to door salespeople to promote their business.

Why businesses need quality glazing!

Using a glazing professional with years of experience does not have to be costly. All aspects, by ‘Crossing every t’ and ‘dotting every I’ need to be done in advance of choosing a glazing provider to ensure that businesses not only look good, but also insulate properly throughout the year. With areas such as Milton Keynes (a hub for shoppers from far and wide) continually developing with more and more stores being constructed; it is imperative that any business setting up does not become entangled in signing off any complicated contracts with glazing companies hard selling a service that cannot be met. All Regions can provide a free quote on installing a range of panes, including triple glazing or toughened glass for businesses. Having successfully installed double glazing and toughened glass in Milton Keynes, and further afield, a large range of businesses are now benefiting from not only increased security, but added insulation for their customers and employees. Long term, any initial outlay on professional window installation can be recouped through savings on needless heating and energy wastage.

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