Dressers Decorating Ideas

How to Use Dressers to Update Home Décor

A dresser happens to be a very integral part of a child’s bedroom. Although it can be featured in any bedroom, it is typically featured in children’s bedrooms. This is because it not only adds organization and storage to the room, but it also brings beauty to the overall décor of the room. It is very easy to make a dresser coordinate with a theme given to the room. And instead of relying on the regular basic looks that can be affiliated with most dressers purchased from the store, try to decorate and personalize the dresser to best suit the personality of your child and their overall room décor.

A very interesting way to personalize a dresser is by transforming it into a dresser with a writable twist. Children will go crazy for a surface to write, scribble, or doodle on. In order to achieve this look, the dresser can be painted with one to two coats of chalkboard wall paint. With this simple step, a writable dresser is right in front of your very eyes. The dresser can be a great reminder to children of who they used to be, acting as a memoir of sorts as well as a way to remind them of their daily lives right now.

Another way to make dresser interesting is to make it magnetic. This can be done by using magnetic paint. It is an effective and easy way to make a dresser into a bulletin board that is truly unique. This means the child’s dresser can be decorated with photos, cute magnets, artwork, and other memorabilia that catches the child’s eye. In addition to this, a coat of a color that is “kiddie” can be used to spruce up the dresser’s overall color. Either a “kiddie” color, like bright reds, pale blues, candy pinks, cherry yellows, or grassy greens, can be used or the favorite color of your child. To make the dresser stand out even more, add stencils to create stripes or even paint polka dots, clouds, or hearts.

If decorating the dresser by using paint is not exactly your niche, choose to decorate your child’s dresser by brightening it with accessories. Add a touch of whimsy by tying to the knobs of the dresser broad, colorful ribbons and by sticking decals to the dresser. Also, add hooks onto the dresser’s side as a space for your child to hang a favorite toy and/or a keepsake that reminds you of your child. For girls, think about hot gluing hair bows to the dresser and for boys, think about hot gluing miniature cars or action figures.

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