Eco-Friendly Pest Control Products

Latest Advances in Pest Control Are Taking the Industry in a Greener Direction


There are few industries that the overall shift towards greener methods of doing business has not had an impact on. The world of pest control is no exception, and in part to do its historical reputation as a major polluter of the environment it is poised to be one of the more important consumer product sectors of the economy that will benefit from increased investment in green technologies. Not only are there opportunities for pest control companies to do things better by using greener alternatives, but there is a huge marketing opportunity available for the companies that take advantage of the demand for these safer and less harmful products.

For far too long, pest control has been reliant on chemical formulas that are known to cause harm both to humans and to the environment at large, including among other species, birds and fish, both of which are incredibly susceptible to pesticide runoff and contamination. In fact, many of the recent ecological crises worldwide can be reasonably assumed to have been caused at least in small part by the over-reliance on traditional pesticides.

Through natural selection they can become nearly immune to a previously fatal dose within as few as three generations. This means that the two choices left to those who wish to get rid of them are either to use larger and larger amounts of the old pesticides or to find new, natural and more effective ways to repel and kill these bugs.

The biggest trend currently in the green and organic pest control market is the usage of two specific natural products for pest control needs. The first is diatomaceous earth, which in addition to pest control can be used for filtering and cleaning, and is a great all around organic product in a wide range of applications.

The second such product that can be employed in many different places including the elimination of pests is boric acid. Much like the previously mentioned diatomaceous earth, it is completely non-toxic and not harmful to the environment, but has the same insect killing potential of more powerful chemical pesticides.

In addition to these two dry powder products, there are new spray products being introduced to the market regularly that can take the place of traditional sprayed insecticides, even for large scale and commercial applications. Most of these are the result of increased research over the past two decades into the insect killing properties of various plant extracts such as rosemary and peppermint oils. Not only do these kill insects but they also can have a beneficial repellent effect, whether applied outdoors or inside one’s home or business. Unlike most chemically based spray insecticides, those based on plant extracts have absolutely no aquatic or avian toxicity, which is obviously a huge benefit to the environment where they are applied.

The future is likely to hold even more advances in the natural pest control category, particularly as companies place more emphasis on the research and development of natural alternatives to chemical pesticides. This can only be a positive for the future, as the reliance on pesticides has done quite a bit more harm than good over the past century.

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