Global warming vs Climate change

These are 2 things that we hear more and more these days, there are problem that we know we have, but we are unsure if they are real or not. Besides all the media coverage on this subject, what we have ? Heavy industries and high traffic.

While the Climate change seems more realistic and normal, we can’t expect the temperature to stay at the same level during decades.

About the Global warming, we can’t say too much, we look outside and we see how cold it is. We hear that Global warming cancels Christmas , but it is right to say that ? So, i cannot agree with Global warming, but Climate change seems more realistic. Or, let me guess, Global warm is the term used in the summer, and climate change is used winter.

Climate change and the new religion. Look at this graph, taken from wikipedia


It is the percent of population from each European country who believe in a God. As we can see, so few people believe in god in well developed countries. Let’s ask how many of them believe in Climate change, i bet there are many more. The conclusion, as many are suggesting here and here , Climate change is a new Religion.

We are all acing for a better world, a non polluting one, but my question is: are we doing the right things or we are just trying to prove that we want to change things in better ?

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