How to Make Outdoor Dining Area in Your Garden

Once your visual sense is satisfied do not neglect to feed the other senses. To make your dining area complete use the power of scent, sound and touch.

Sound brings an area to life. The tinkle of running water creates a magical ambiance, so try to incorporate a simple wall fountain or bubble pond near to where you plan to eat. The faint, rather mystical music of wind chimes will also add to the atmosphere as long as your garden is not windy, in which case the sound can be tortuous. The rustle of bamboo grasses or broad-leaved plants such as hostas add their own contribution to the garden sounds.

Fill the air with perfume from container-grown plants such as scented leaf Pelargonium (P. Craveolens or P. Fragrans” are lovely), stately lilies (such as I.ilium regale or longiflornm). and tobacco plants (Nicotiana alala). Train climbers such as honeysuckle, jasmine. Solanum crispum or the roses ‘New Dawn or “Madame Alfred Carriere up any vertical surface and plant fragrant shrubs such as mock orange (Philadelphus), Mexican orange (Choisya lernala) or Viburnum (I. carlesu) nearby.

outdoor dining area in the garden

Finally add some containers of velvet-petalled pansies to stroke and place a few pots of silky ornamental grasses strategically, where you can run your lingers through them in passing. They will also rustle in a breeze.

Natural Soil Vs. Man-made Materials for Your Outdoor Dining area

If you do not have any solid surface except for the natural soil in your outdoor dining area in your garden, consider laying out some natural stones, or pouring some concrete to provide a solid surface in your garden. You can rent, or even purchase a small portable cement mixer to allow you to mix concrete easily for your outdoor patio. For a complete overview of concrete machinery click here.

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