The importance of Steeplejacks for Lightning Surge Protection

As individuals and companies, we all have a responsibility to try and protect our properties from natural phenomena, such as lightning, flooding, and gale force winds. Sometimes, the sheer ferocity and relentless force of Mother Nature can wreak havoc not only on your property, but it can also have an effect on people’s lives.

The main objective should be for every home owner to place more of an importance and emphasis over protecting the bricks, mortar and life built within not just the physical building (house), but their home.

There are many solutions in the public domain for individuals to choose from, and for different purposes. Whether it is anything from damp proofing basements to insulating lofts, there are both maintenance issues to overcome, as well as fresh solutions to install or add to properties.

The role of Steeplejacks

This job cannot be underestimated. Only just over half a century ago, steeplejacks were climbing dizzy heights to take care of maintenance for church spires or high rise buildings with very little security equipment. The construction industry has come a long way since then, with not only the safety aspect improving, but also the training and accreditations associated with this particular trade.

Why Lightning Protection?

With weather conditions often being both unpredictable and damaging, it is imperative that home owners and businesses take note, and follow up by protecting their prized possessions and property. With over three billion strikes of lightning hitting the earth each year, and with seemingly more temperamental conditions in countries such as England, many companies (especially) in Midlands’ areas such as Birmingham, Wolverhampton, and Leicester have already taken a note by installing surge protection. Not many companies predict to be unlucky enough to be hit by an electrical storm, however even without a direct hit; companies are often being too complacent by not fully protecting intellectual electronic data, even data not backed-up on the server.

The same risk of the weather striking the heart of your business could also be associated with an individual holding their finger above the delete button on a keyboard, ready to wipe essential and irreplaceable company data. It is a high time for businesses to take a note and consider lightning protection, especially in the wake of the recent wave of storms hitting the UK, as highlighted within the Wednesday 18 July, 2012 edition of “The Telegraph” –

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