Learn How to Convert any Temperature

Normally, to convert a temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit and backwards, you would use instant online  converter that performs instant conversions for various temperatures scales.

Unfortunately, the luxury of having access to online temperature converter is not always feasible. You can learn how to easily convert the temperature by using a simple formula.  We will also cover a modified / simplified formula that is easy to remember.

Thus, if you would like to convert 80°Fahrenheit to the temperature in degrees Celsius, you’ll have to use the following formula:

(° F – 32) / 1.8. For instance, (80° F – 32) / 1.8 = ° C

(80° F – 32) / 1.8 = ° C = 26.6° C

You can actually simplify this temperature conversion formula by replacing 1.8 with 2. Of course, your results will be slightly different, but only slightly. This is a convenient approximation and gives you a ball park conversion of temperature. For instance, by going back to the example above, you will find that

(80° F – 32) / 2 = 24° C , which is pretty close to 26.6 degree Celsius.

So just remember to subtract 32 and divide the results by two to get an approximate result in the temperature of different scale.

If you would like to convert a temperature in degree Celsius back into Fahrenheit, then just reverse the order. For instance if you would like to convert 31° Celsius in Paris to approximate temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, you would, then 31 times 2, and add 32.

You will get 31 X 2 + 32 = 96 degrees Fahrenheit. This is approximated result of temperature conversion done using simplified formula of multiplying by two and adding 32.

The more precise results would be slightly less than 96° F, because we would multiply 31 by 1.8 instead of 2, which would give us;

55.8 + 32 = 87.8 Vs. approximated 31 * 2 + 32 = 96
Hopefully this simplified way of converting temperature will help you to perform quick, and relatively precise conversions from one scale to another, wherever you are.

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