Kitchen Remodel Ideas and Designs

Does your old kitchen desperately need a facelift? If so, do you have any idea where to begin? If you are a busy professional, and going a do it yourself route is not exactly your idea of dealing with the project, then consider consulting a professional kitchen remodeling contractor to help you with all the elements of kitchen design, material sourcing, and the actual remodeling work in your kitchen.

Elements of the Kitchen Design

If your kitchen is spacious enough, and you do not already have a kitchen island in the middle of your kitchen, then you may consider getting a new kitchen island installed provided that it is within your remodeling budget. Your options with a new kitchen island are wooden, and granite counter-tops. Either one can be beautifully integrated with the rest of your kitchen design. It will cost you more to get a granite kitchen island top, but it will surely last you longer than a wooded one. The choice is yours! Also keep in mind that if you would like to use your kitchen island as a table then overhangs have to be long enough to make room for you and your family members when seating around your kitchen island like you would around a bar.

Should you get a kitchen hood installed?

If you do not already have a new kitchen hood installed over your cook top, you will definitely want to get one installed in order to keep your ceilings clean, your kitchen dry and free of excessive/unwanted cooking smells.


If you are interested in a “modern look”, then consider getting recessed or track lighting installed in your kitchen. You may also consider installing pendant lights if you would like a add a touch of classy exuberance to your kitchen. Be sure to take a good look at several different designs and styles to find what you really like. You may also want to visit a kitchen, and lighting showrooms to get a better sense of what you like, and then work with your remodeling specialist to integrate the things you like into your new kitchen design.

Walls and Floors

You may choose to have wooden, or tile floors installed in your kitchen. Discuss your kitchen floor options with your home remodeling contractor to identify a flooring option that will best integrate with the rest of your home, and suit your wants and needs. You may not need to do much in terms of your walls, aside from getting some tiles installed in your kitchen sink backslash area. The rest of the space will probably be covered by your kitchen cabinets. Refer to the pictures above to get a better idea as to why the color and style of your kitchen cabinets is what determines your general perception of space and feel in your kitchen.

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