LED Lighting Manufacturers

LED lights were first developed in the early 1960s, but it wasn’t until recently that bright white LED lights became affordable for home and business consumption. Although still pricey compared to fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs, LEDs are gaining market share and popularity as a high-end energy efficient lighting product.

LED stands for light emitting diodes. LED light bulbs are attractive to consumers because they consume only 1/4 of electric energy that fluorescent light bulbs would consume to produce equivalent amount of lighting. Despite it’s higher initial cost, LEDs are considered very cost effective because they help safe electric energy, and because LED light bulbs can last anywhere from 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours.

Every day consumers shopping for replacement light bulbs consider LEDs as an energy efficient and green alternative to fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs. LEDs are also highly sought after by the consumers because they do not produce heat, which helps save energy on cooling costs.

There are many established companies manufacturing LEDs in USA and worldwide. There are also many online retailers selling LED lighting products through their online stores. You can browse our directory of LED lighting manufacturers in USA. Companies listed below manufacture energy efficient home LED light bulbs, commercial and industrial LED lighting products, and opto-electronic semiconductor components for commercial and industrial uses.

LED Lighting Manufacturers in USA

Albeo Technologies LED Lighting

AlbEO Technologies – Manufactures industrial, commercial, and residential LED lighting products. AlbEO Technologies is located in Boulder, Colorado.

Holly Solar Products – Manufactures home and business LED lighting products, low voltage controllers, and solar powered cooling products. Holly Solar Products is located in Petaluma, California.

ITC Incorporated – Manufactures LED light retail displays, Hi CRI Linear Lighting, Hi Lumen Linear Lighting, Track Lighting: Low Voltage Shelf Lighting Track, and replacement LED bulbs. ITC Incorporated is located in Holland, in Michigan.

LC LED Lighting Manufacturer

Lighting Components LED Corp. – Manufactures residential and commercial LED lights, energy efficient LED light bulbs, super bright white LEDs, and opto-electronic semiconductor components. Lighting Components LED Corporate office is located in Brooklyn, New York.

LEDtronics – Manufactures LED Street Lights, LED replacement bulbs, and LED panel indicators. LEDtronics is located in Torrance, California.

Permlight Products – Designs and Manufactures
LED based light engines for general illumination. Permlight Products is located in Tustin, California.


Sylvania – Manufactures LED lightbulbs for home and office. Sylvania is located in Danvers, Massachusetts.

Sylvania Online Retail Store – Sells LED lighting products directly to consumers.

Toshiba LEDs Lighting Manufacturer

Toshiba Corp. – Manufactures a wide range of LED lamps and fixtures. Toshiba is located in Houston, Texas.

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