PlexiGlass Windows Vs. Glass Windows

Many people choose to use plexiglass for windows. Plexi glass is lightweight, transparent, and can withstand hot and cold temperatures. Plexiglass is also known as Polycarbonate and more common as lexan. Many people will use the term plexiglass acrylic and polycarbonate or lexan as meaning the same, when they are two different materials. Lexan is the happy medium between acrylic and glass applications. It is stronger than those two materials, and can be used in applications where glass or acrylic will not suffice. Some people consider plexiglass to replace a broken glass window. Contractors building a new home consider this material as well for many reasons.

Plexi Glass Vs. Regular Glass – Benefits and advantages

One advantage to plexiglass is that it is easier to work with that heavy glass. Another benefit is that it is sturdy and can withstand a blow or extreme weather better than glass. A kid playing with a ball is a good example of this. Plexiglass is more pliable, and gives more bounce than glass does. However, when working with this material, it is important to be careful as it can also break and crack.

Plexiglass window insert packages are sold in hardware stores or home improvement centers. This is very convenient for the do it yourselfer and an easy way to replace a damaged glass window.

It is important to clean plexiglass the old fashioned way, with a clean rag or cloth and water. Because it is plastic, ammonia and harsh soaps or chemicals cannot be used on it, as it will damage the material, corrode it, fog it permanently, opaque it, or scratch it.

Another down to plexiglass is that with time, areas that are hit with much sunlight will tend to change color – yellowish – and they get brittle and may crack. Plexiglass is also an expensive material.

Plexiglass sheets come in many solid colors other than clear – red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and brown. It also comes in transparent color sheets. Fluorescent color transparent sheets are also available, so are solid white and black sheets. Plexiglass is also made in non-glare sheets or frosted sheets. Non-glare sheets reduce and minimize reflection and glare, and frosted sheets offer a bit more privacy while letting light in. Plexiglass acrylic mirror sheets are available as a better choice for interior decoration uses, and safer, easier to use.

Whatever type of plexiglass you decide to use in your window will depend on the purpose – décor, privacy, special effects, aesthetics, durability – also, it is important to consider the amount of sun the window will receive, especially if using colored plexiglass.

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