How to Reduce Your Energy Costs with PVC Replacement Windows

Deciding to replace your current windows shouldn’t just be left to chance. You can improve the overall appearance of your home, and reduce your energy costs quite dramatically by installing right replacement windows.

These days everyone is working hard to reduce their energy costs; Homeowners buy appliances that have excellent Energy star ratings, they make sure their homes are well insulated for winter, and that their windows and doors don’t leak, letting precious warm air escape on cold winter nights.


When looking at replacement windows to reduce your energy costs it’s very important that you choose the right materials to ensure the highest level of insulation. Consider Vinyl windows as an energy-efficient and cost efficient window replacement option. Vinyl is a form of plastic better known as PVC; it is very well insulated and is completely maintenance free.

Unlike many of the other window materials, vinyl doesn’t chip or peel; it can withstand any weather and is fully insulated. Being able to get a properly fitter and well-insulated windows can help to reduce your energy costs dramatically.


The next thing to consider is glazing; you will probably be given the choice of two, double or triple glazing. Double glazing is two panes of glass filled with gas, these are normally adequate for most climates. Triple glazing is taking it one step further and is three panes of glass filled with inert gas.

For highly efficient ratings the triple glazing is the best choice, especially if you live in a very cold climate. this type of glazing is used widely in Scandinavia, which experiences freezing winters.

Overall Energy Efficiency

When looking at vinyl windows you will be advised of two factors, the U and R factors. These probably mean absolutely nothing to you, but the U factor is the energy efficiency while the R factor is the insulation factor. Windows are not considered energy efficient unless they have a U factor of less than 0.35. Now you will be amazed to find that you can find triple glazing windows at a factor of 0.8, proving they are highly energy efficient.

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