Spring Home Improvement Projects

Spring is the perfect time for homeowners to improve their homes by performing small projects around the house. Most of these small projects take place outdoors and will help to increase the curb appeal of a home.

A majority of homeowners will experience issues with their lawns that are unattractive and visually take away from the overall appeal of their homes. Two of the most common lawn issues consist of the presence of brown patches, or bare spots located throughout the lawn. Sod is a tool that can be used to instantly rid yourself of these issues and improve your home’s curb appeal.

Spring is a great time to lay down sod because homeowners no longer have to worry about frost occurring. The spring weather allows the new grass to become rooted and strengthen, which will allow it to survive cold weather and intensively hot weather.

In order to complete this project, you will need a supply of sod and a shovel with a square nose. You must use your shovel and create a rectangular shape within the earth around the spot on the lawn that you would like to replace. The hole should be deep enough so that you will be able to reach underneath the layer of the roots’ mass. Once the hole has been made, you will be able to scrape underneath the grass that has dried out and remove it.

Once the dead grass has been removed the sod can be laid down and trimmed to the appropriate size with the use of the shovel’s nose. In order to take care of the newly laid sod, you should keep it generously watered, and you may also fertilize it if you like.

Another outdoor home improvement project that can be completed during the spring is making a flower bed. Landscaping your lawn is one of the fastest ways to increase your home’s curb appeal. A new flower bed positioned appropriately will provide a home with a visually appealing splash of color.

Some of the best places where you can place your flower beds are underneath windows, running along your walkway or driveway, and around trees.

Required Tools

The tools that will be needed for this project includes a shovel, garden spade, the appropriate type of soil, a gardening claw, any type of material that can be used for edging such as rocks or bricks, and flowers of your choosing. The first step for this project is to rid the area that they flower bed will be positioned at of grass. Use your edging material to define the edges of the bed which will prevent grass from getting into your flower bed. The soil will then need to be aerated with the use of the gardening claw and the bulbs can be planted, once aerated fresh soil should be used to fill in the bed.

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