Standing Seam Metal Roof for Water Harvesting

Have you ever considered getting a rainwater collection system for
your home? A standing-seam metal roof with its smooth surface provides
an ideal platform for harvesting rainwater using a sloped metal roof.
Englert Inc., a metal roofing and leafless gutter manufacturing
company committed to the environmental cause is now offering a 3 in 1
fully integrated standing seam metal roofing system combined with a
leafless gutter, and enhanced with a rainwater collection system that
collects rainwater for non-potable use.

The way that the rainwater collection system works is very simple; It
starts with the rainwater running down the slope of a standing seam metal
roof system. Once the water gets into the gutter system, it flows down
the drain until it reaches the connecting point to a water storage
tank. It than flows through an initial filter that removes large
debris like leaves and twigs.

The rainwater is then collected in a water storage tank. Englert Inc.
offers the following water collection tank capacities: 225 gallons,
400 gallons, and 1700 gallons. Custom water collection systems can be
ordered as well for commercial, and institutional use.

Once in the water storage tank, the harvested rainwater passes through
more filters to remove any debris from it. The collected water is
then available for use through the use of a controller providing
pressurized water supply for use such as landscape irrigation, toilet
flushing and laundry needs.

Water is a finite commodity that needs to be preserved. The water
collected from rain is water saved. That is the water you do not have
to pay for. It’s good for you and it’s good for the environment.
Water collection system may be a good solution for the areas where the
water is scarce.

Areas that are prone to flooding can also benefit from the water
collection systems.

Architects and builders working on building green homes can integrate
an environmentally correct standing-seam
metal roofing system with a water collection system.

If you’re a homeowner considering investing in an Energy Star rated,
and a green building accredited standing-seam metal roof coupled with
the Englert leafless gutter system, and water collection system, then
contact Englert Inc. and they will put you in touch with a local
roofing company.

4 thoughts on “Standing Seam Metal Roof for Water Harvesting

  1. Rainwater Harvesting

    Metal roofs are much more efficient for rainwater harvesting than tiled ones.
    11 square metres of tin roof gives as much rainwater yield as 16 square metres of tiled roof area due to the porosity of tiles.

  2. Sharad Pant

    Tin roofing water harvesting system is very easy to install as a gutter you can use half cut PVC pipe to canalize the water towards the first filter media that removes large debris like leaves and twigs. Then in second media, the water can be allowed to flow through the membrane or other filter media such as sand, coal etc so it will totally get clean. In western part of India i.e. Rajasthan and Gujarat, whole year people are harvested water for drinking purpose. They are closed the tank completely and not allow the sunlight to go inside the tank which save the water to get spoil by greenery (spirogyra).

    Sharad Pant
    Value Chain Advisor
    Bonthe Food Security Project
    Sierra Leone
    West Africa

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