Sustainable Flooring Solutions – PVC Flooring Systems

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) flooring tiles are a sustainable and economical flooring choice for residential homes, industrial facilities and commercial spaces including schools, hospitals, governmental facilities, gyms, auto shops, and scientific laboratories. Interlocking PVC floor tiles are often produced using either virgin or recycled plastic content and at the end of their service life the tiles are 100% recyclable.


PVC flooring tiles are relatively inexpensive, easy to clean, and maintain, and can be installed over the existing floors, with no mess, no adhesives, and with zero VOC emissions. Any left over materials can be picked up by the supplier once the installation is complete, and reused to manufacture new tiles.

Commercial and Industrial

For commercial and industrial spaces, hard-wearing PVC tiles can be loosely laid over the hard surfaces, and installed with a minimal disruption to the work place. Industrial floor tiles are naturally oil and chemical resistant, require minimal upkeep, and are available in textured or studded surfaces, both providing excellent anti-slip properties essential for a safe working environment.


Domestic floor tiles featuring a concealed interlocking system are designed for a loose lay installation on any hard surfaces in your home. These tiles are ideal alternatives to bonded vinyl tiles and linoleum, as they require no adhesives and can be installed with much ease. These tiles are an ideal choice for kitchens, and utility rooms. Once installed these floors require only an occasional mapping to keep them looking new.

ESD Flooring

For spaces requiring anti-static floors, specially moulded floor tiles designed to disperse any static electricity through its bulk electric conductivity, when combined with a grounding system. These floors can be used in electronic shops, in trolleys, and in any facilities that require a proper floor grounding to ensure the safety for all occupants.


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