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Calculate Energy Efficiency and Roof Prices

I wanted to share this new calculator that roofing and green building companies can use to let their perspective customers understand projected energy savings and roof pricing based on the size of the roof, and roofing materials used. Energy savings are calculated based on average summer temperatures of 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which converts as 29 degrees Celsius. You can see this for yourself by using our helpful temperature converter in the right column.

This roofing calculator will estimate annual cool roof energy savings and roof prices for such green roofing including Metal Roofing and Cool White flat roofs.

Roof Energy Savings and Prices Calculator:

Also, if you want to integrate Temperature Conversion Calculator into your blog, we have developed a WordPress Temperature Converter Plug-in.

If you use a Google Chrome browser, we also developed a Temperature Converter extension for Chrome.

Temperature conversion chart with 2 decimals 30 to 34

Contains temperature conversion chart with 2 decimals, Celsius to Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Rankine, Reaumor, Romer, Delisle and Newton. Temperatures from 25 to 30.

Full list: http://www.tampile.com/blog/temperature-conversion-chart-with-2-decimals/

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