Temperature converter wordpress plugin

From now on, you can add a temperature converter to your own wordpress blog. Enhance your visitors stay on your blogs by providing them the opportunity to one click convert temperatures between celsius, fahrenheit, rankin and kelvin.

To download the plugin, go to http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tampile-temperature-conversion-widget/

Download the plugin, extract the content into your wp-content/plugins/ folder and then go in your administration panel, plugins section, and activate the plugin. Then you have to go to Appearance, Widgets menu to drag and drop Tampile temperature converter plugin to your sidebar. That’s it. Now your visitors can enjoy it.

It is javascript based so the page is not refreshed when the temperature is converted.

Please tell me if you notice any issues with the plugin or if you want anything else to be added to it, or if you find it hard to install/use. Thank you.

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