Top 10 online temperature converters

Here is a list with 10 online temperature converters you can use for converting temperatures

1. Tampile temperature converter – Converts between celsius, fahrenheit, kelvin and rankine. It has the advantage that when entering a value and its scale, it will be converted and displayed in all other 3 scales.

2. Albireo – It is javascript based, so it is quick, but it can only convert between fahrenheit and celsius.

3. Online conversion – Can convert fahrenheit, celsius, rankin, kelvin and reaumur, which is a plus, it is also javascript

4. Temperature world – Convert between celsius, kelvin and fahrenheit.

5. Oster miller – Fahrenheit, celsius and kelvin, having the option to display scientific or normal notations

6. Allmeasures – Same as above, but with low design but you don’t need to press  a button to convert

7. About chemistry – Fahrenheit, celsius, rankin, with reset button.

8. Worldwidemetric – Has many metric conversions, but too many and get confused

9. – Nice design.

10.  Metric-conversions – Also many metric converters.

I hope you found this list useful.

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