Video Surveillance Systems for Outdoor Environments

Finding an optimal home video security surveillance system can be a real challenge in and of itself, but it can be especially difficult when there is a need to monitor external spaces outside your home at night. This may be especially true for people who live in larger-sized homes that may require effective, outdoor video security surveillance measures put in place.

One of the greatest challenges with the outdoor video surveillance operation is the effectiveness of a night-time video surveillance, which requires the use of specialty cameras. For instance, if there are a lot of leafy trees and areas with low-lighting during the night time, then you will need to have a specially designed camera capable of providing high level of detail under low-lighting conditions, as most conventional cameras will not be up to the task of providing good visibility in low light conditions, especially when there and other objects that further obscure the light.

Thus, it is important to keep in mind that if you happen to have a lot of trees and bushes providing natural cover and concealment for a potential intruder on your property, then even a specialty camera designed and equipped for the night time operation may not be a sufficient-enough measure for heavily obscured areas like trees with a lot of leaves and dense bushes. But, fortunately, there is a solution for this; thermal camera makes it easy to see any intruders, even in the areas with very low to no lighting at all.

Thermal Imaging Camera vs. a Standard Camera

Take a look at the video demonstrating the difference in performance of a conventional camera vs. a thermal imaging camera by Pelco, below:

As you can see in the video above, the difference in performance of this thermal imaging camera from Pelco vs. a standard camera is strikingly dramatic. Therefore it is imperative that you select the type of camera that is capable of providing adequate protection for your property’s external spaces.


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