Web Hosting Package Essentials

You just had a great business idea and you want to get a website set up as soon as possible and start raking in the money. But you can’t get ahead of yourself and choose just any web hosting account for your new venture. You need to put a lot of thought into it. No matter what niche or business that your website covers there are certain things that your web hosting account needs to have in order to help you have a successful website. These things include:

1. A control panel. Everyone that has run their own website for any length of time has a favorite control panel. Most people seem to gravitate toward cpanel, but there are several other very good control panels out there. Your control panel is where you will be adding your website to your hosting account and making any changes to it. Make sure that your web hosting account has a control panel that you like and understand.

2. Email. There are four things your account will need concerning email. The two things that it must have are pop3 and smtp. They are the servers on which you receive and send email. The other two are optional but recommended, webmail and IMAP. Webmail will allow you to check and send email from anywhere that you have internet access. IMAP is another, some would say better, way to access your email but is similar to pop3.

3. Enough space and bandwidth. Most websites are small in terms of size and won’t take up very much space. Busy websites that get a lot of traffic will, however, need a significant amount of bandwidth. Make sure that if you get a sudden surge in visitors you won’t go over your allotment.

4. PHP and MySQL support. Most websites will need both of these in order to have all of those bells and whistles that you want it to have. PHP is a programming language that will allow you to do some amazing things by putting the code right onto the webpage. And MySQL is a database server that is an absolute must if you want to install a wordpress site.

5. FTP accounts. FTP is a much easier and faster way for you to upload files to your website than to go through your control panel.

6. Dedicated IP address. This is an absolute must if you will be selling something on your new website and you need to obtain an SSL certificate to process secure transactions.

7. A web analytics. You will want to track every visitor to your site in as many ways as possible. Make sure that your hosting account comes with at least one web stats program that you are comfortable with. Most accounts at better web hosting companies come with at least two to choose from.

Those are the seven essential elements that a good web-hosting package needs to contain. Having all of them will make it much easier for you to get the site that you want up and running and earning you money as quickly as possible. Your web hosting package should be working with you not against you. Make sure that is contains all the things you need to be successful.

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